Mehdi Farzi said: “Music consists of a set of rules. There is an obvious difference between the sound of music, and that is that the sound consists of different single sounds that do not have a specific order, but if these sounds are put together, they create music that has is the law

Therefore, the basis in the medium of cinema and theater is to meet (visual aspects). Therefore, as a principle, we must accept that cinema does not require music. As there are great filmmakers in the world who do not use music in their films. It can be said that among the arts, the most abstract and solitary art is the art of music. Of course, this is not a bonus, but a feature. Therefore, when we hear a lot of music that was not made for the film, we have imagery in mind. So it is not a convincing answer to say that only dramatic music has imagery.

When we tell a composer to make music about a crisis. With a big orchestra or a soloist or whatever, he makes this music and creates the crisis, without the need for a slide show or a photo or a video of him playing while the music plays. Therefore, one of the differences between dramatic music and pure music is that this type of (dramatic) music is not independent and when it wants to speak it must be placed next to other dramatic (visual) elements.

However, it should be pointed out that there are some musics that can be heard and enjoyed alone without accompanying the film, such as the soundtrack of the film The Adopted Father by Nino Rota. But if we see the same music on the film, it will definitely have a different effect on our minds.”

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