Sean Kanan in 'Studio City' Season 2


Sean Kanan in ‘Studio City’ Season 2. Photo Courtesy of ‘Studio City.’

Emmy award-winning filmmaker Sean Kanan outdoes himself as an actor, writer, and executive producer with “Studio City” Season 2, which recently premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

In this high-adrenaline season, we see his character, Sam Stevens, facing many challenges including his step-father Doc (Tristan Rogers) in the hospital fighting cancer, Sam is fighting ageism at work, he is always at odds with executive producer Gloria Winton (Carolyn Hennesy), meets his feisty new publicist Becky Pope (Lilly Melgar), butts heads with “Maximum Velocity 2” movie producer Dennis (Will Roberts), and has a strenuous relationship with Delilah (played by Juliet Vega), the girl who claims to be his daughter, among being presented with other obstacles.

He keeps the audience at the edge of their seats the entire time and manages to sustain their attention thanks to the show’s strong and resonant writing.

Sean Kanan consistently proves that he is one of the hardest-working and most underrated actors of our time, and Season 2 of “Studio City” is a substantial indication of that. This edgier second season is worth more than just a passing glance, and Kanan’s acting work and the digital series itself should be considered for 2022 Emmy recognition.

Season 2 of “Studio City,” directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., is available on Amazon Prime Video by clicking here.

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In addition, Sean Kanan also plays the role of Deacon Sharpe in the popular CBS daytime drama “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

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