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Comedian Anthony Rodia. Photo by Alfonso Photography.

On May 7, acclaimed comedian Anthony Rodia headlined The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island for a great turnout of fans. He played two back-to-back sold-out stand-up comedy performances.

“It’s amazing,” he exclaimed about The Paramount. “It feels really good, I’m a bit shellshocked.”

Goumba Johnny served as his exceptional opening act, who was able to warm up the stage for Rodia with his jokes about family, his wife, and being Italian-American in New York.

Rodia’s daughter, Gabriella, introduced you on stage, and The Paramount audience went nuts, in the best way possible. He really got the crowd engaged by telling jokes about his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic that were witty and relevant (especially his airplane jokes), and he went on to poke fun at his wife, daughter, and his immigrant Italian father, as well as being Italian-American in New York.

A first-generation Italian-American born and raised in Westchester, New York, Rodia came out of the womb making people laugh. In his 20s, he tried a few open mics but ultimately took a different career path as a finance manager of a luxury car dealership.

In 2019, Rodia returned to comedy and left his day job to become a full-time stand-up comic. He hit the ground running and performed 100 shows in just nine months, and within three years, Rodia has gained a massive fan base online and around the country.

In a very short time, Anthony gained over 900,000 social media followers and his YouTube videos have amassed over 22 million views. Rodia’s comedy pulls from his real life and razor-sharp observations on marriage, parenthood, road rage, and everything else worthy of a social media rant.

With the onset of quarantine, Anthony made the most of a captive audience, delivering a staggering 86 weekly videos. “Road Rage Wednesday” became a fan favorite, but his Uncle Vinny and Zia Lucia characters transformed into a phenomenon. They are the crazy uncle and aunt you love but can’t be out in public with, who speak their minds (whether you asked for it or not).

In 2021, Anthony launched Rodia Wines, which include a Zia Lucia’s White Blend and Uncle Vinny’s Red Blend that both pair perfectly with any of your favorite Italian dishes. Rodia Wines will soon be available in local retail stores and is currently available online by clicking here.

Rodia also hosts the weekly podcast, “Little Bit of Laughs” on Podcast One. Get to know the comedian behind your favorite viral videos and stand-up comedy alongside his co-host and radio legend Goumba Johnny. Join Anthony and Goumba as they get into hot topics, rants, pranks, and listeners’ questions and stories.

He has appeared on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, FOX’s Good Day New York, and Elizabeth and Elisa on News 12, he quietly claimed the throne of “King of Off The Boat Comedy.”

“Anthony Rodia is so relatable and down-to-earth funny that no matter what your ethnicity is, you can laugh at your life experiences,” said Marisa Frankis, fan and attendee.

The Verdict

Overall, Anthony Rodia put on an incredible live stand-up comedy show at The Paramount in Huntington. He had the Long Island audience with him every step of the way. It is highly recommended that one sees him live when he comes to town. Goumba Johnny was equally funny and distinct as his opener in his own right. His live set garnered an A rating.

To learn more about comedian Anthony Rodia and his upcoming shows, check out his official website, and follow him on Instagram.

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