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A brief scrutiny of the new collaboration between “Dadmehr” and “Hani Rajabi”, two talented and outstanding Iranian artists, in “broken earth” song.

Music and art can play an intermediary role in conveying the message of peace and reconciliation between nations all around the world, in addition to cultural and artistic communication.

Today, in this critical moment that the world (and especially the nations of the Middle East) are at a catastrophic war;

it is necessary for artists to create this reconciling interaction between nations through musical artworks.

In fact, Art is much stronger than politics, and artists can present content to society in the art language, and society can more easily deliver these messages from artists.

On the other hand, the theme and the music genre have a physiological effect on mental and emotional mechanism regardless of what personality they have.

Nevertheless, the amount and severity of this effect depends on the condition of the nerve cells, the mental and emotional history and the habit of the listener.

Consequently, we observe that sad music with a desperate theme engulfs a listener and makes him cry, but the exact theme has little effect on another person.

The physical and melodic distances are the same actually, but the main filter which is the mental and emotional condition of that person is different.

For example, listening to the song “broken earth”, which is an emotional and peaceful song;

creates a flip for the listeners to strive for a more beautiful and war-free world together and create an area of joy and peace in the earth for other humans.

This music is a collaboration between two famous and talented Iranian singer “Dadmehr” and “Hani Rajabi” in English, which is the international language around the world.

This song has an uncommonly good arrangement of excellent vocal quality.

‏Dadmehr (the singer of this work) is an obedient musician artist and a young inventor too, who has succeeded not only in the field of electronic sciences,

which is one of his principal specialties, but also he equally has tremendous achievements in the fields of astronomy, psychology, management, and business in addition to singing.

‏He has a‏ history of registering over 15 inventions and achieving success at many domestic and international scientific festivals.

Besides, he is the one who has been able to create remarkable works with his very fluent and fascinating pen and writing down perfect books.

Ultimately, music is one of the main arts that remains no partition between languages and colors;

it gathers different nations and ethnic groups with distinct traditional habits into a big music hall.

Music is one of the highest human creations that touches the soul and helps man to express unspoken desires and hidden feelings.

This remarkable art is capable of breaking down boundaries and reuniting people with various backgrounds, races and cultures, By changing the people’s standpoint and their life perspective.

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