In order to study copyright in Iran and the world, this time we decided to talk to Milad Rabin, an Iranian singer. In this interview, he talks about his personal experiences and emphasizes that the rights of artists should be respected according to the efforts they make to create the work.
“Two years ago, someone produced a video for ‘My Moon,’ an audio version of which was produced two years ago, in my own presence,” said Milad Robin.
Shortly after the broadcast, they called me and informed me that the video had won an award. That’s why someone received the award on my behalf. But after a while, they called me again on the radio and television and informed me that the award belonged to the producer of the work and that I should return the award.

“Several years ago, a few hours after the unveiling of one of my albums, all the music distribution sites distributed the album tracks for free,” he said. Of course, there is nothing wrong with hearing the works we produce, but in any case, artists must have their rights respected according to the effort they make to create the work.
He continued: “For example, I worked in the studio for about a year to record my latest album called ‘Tears and Smiles’. Now if we want to pay attention to the time it takes the composer to make the work, we have to consider a much longer time.
The artist stated that in Iran, government institutions do not value the works of music and their creator, and the status of art and the artist is not known: government institutions such as radio and television broadcast musical works without the permission of the owner. All my albums are played on the radio, without my permission. Maybe the name of the job is wrong
A few years ago, TV aired my “Kalidor” under the name of another regulator on Channel Two. After this incident, I called Channel 2 and asked why my work was broadcast under another person’s name. In response, after the name of the owner of the work was to be corrected, they were informed that all the networks had incorrectly registered the work ID. So I had to call all of them and ask them to correct the information.

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