Bluesky, like Twitter’s other rival, Thrades, has crossed the 1 million mark.

BlueSky now has more than 1 million downloads across iOS and Android, according to a new analysis by, according to TechCrunch.

Of course, this measure pales in comparison to the numbers published on Trades. That being said, this is a significant growth for an invite-only app. The company even temporarily suspended sign-ups during the first weekend of July after Twitter decided to limit the number of tweets read. They explained at the time that Bluesky’s team was concerned that the unprecedented traffic would lead to performance issues, as it had not yet prepared for such an influx of new users. notes that BlueSky has an average of 8,300 installs per day. In fact, Twitter’s move to impose restrictions allowed Bluesky to reach his new milestone.

The United States accounts for the largest number of installations, 40%. It is followed by Brazil (9.5%), Japan (8.5%), Thailand (7.5%) and the United Kingdom (4.6%).

It took almost four months for BlueSky to reach the download milestone of over 1 million installs. But it is likely that the program would have seen a faster adoption rate if it had been fully opened to the public.

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