The difference between mixing and mastering:

It is true that almost common techniques, tools and plugins are used in the mixing and mastering stage, and it is sometimes confusing; But there are differences between the two stages of mixing and mastering.

You see, in the mixing stage of the song, we pay attention to each line individually; to remove its flaws and reach a balance. In fact, at this stage, we make sure that each line is in its proper place. A good mix makes it easy to enter the mastering stage.

What do we do in mastering?

Now consider the mastering stage as a car wash. We want our car to be clean and shiny.

(Also, Montony stated that I want to explain things very simply so that you can understand them more easily) In the mastering stage, we hear the lines together, not individually; And we try to make the result of these lines give us the best possible sound. Clean, clear and pleasing to the ears

Equipment needed for mixing and mastering:

The first and most important hardware we need is a computer or laptop. Mixing and mastering software are installed on the computer and all the processing is done inside it. So without a doubt, we definitely need it.

The next hardware that is very important to have is a monitoring speaker or a good headphone (preferably a monitoring speaker, of course).

We are supposed to hear all the lines extensively so that we can find its faults and try to adjust the sound in the best way. Obviously, this will be difficult without proper hearing.

Of course, a good sound card (Audio Interface) is also needed for the connection between the computer and the monitoring speaker. The sound card amplifies the sound of the monitoring speaker.

Acoustic treatment is one of the other important things in the mixing and mastering process and in the composition process in general. Acoustic treatment means the correct control of the reflection of sound waves. If we are mixing and mastering our project in normal rooms, we will not hear the sounds well. We may not notice it; But if we listen to our project in a room with acoustic treatment, we will notice many changes. Even if we have the best speaker monitoring system, we will have problems without proper acoustic treatment. Finally, Montony added that you will never learn until you do the work practically.

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