According to the report of the United Nations Refugee Agency, about 186,000 people have entered Europe through the Mediterranean Sea this year. Most of these entries (130 thousand people) were registered in Italy. This amount has increased by 83% compared to the same period last year. This news was announced by Rowan Menikdiola, director of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in New York.

According to the UN report, the largest number of immigrants is from Tunisia with more than 100 thousand people, followed by Libya with more than 45 thousand people. In addition to Italy, Greece and Spain, these boats also went to Cyprus and Malta. A sharp increase in refugee border crossings has recently led to tensions in the European Union over measures to limit them.

As the refugee tragedy unfolds in the Mediterranean, Europe grapples with its own asylum reforms. After weeks of deadlock in the reform process, the German federal government has given up its resistance to critical provisions of the EU’s planned asylum reforms.

German Federal Interior Minister Nancy Pfizer announced on Thursday at the European Union meeting in Brussels that the German government coalition has agreed to a new proposed text for the so-called crisis regulations. However, there was no formal agreement on the new text. There are still more adjustments to be made.

However, according to European officials, the planned asylum reforms should be implemented as soon as possible. Because time is of the essence: the European elections will be held in June next year, and projects that have not been negotiated with the governments of the member states and have not come to fruition can again be called into question and be delayed for a long time.

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