Bing’s chatbot now lets you ask it questions with your voice under the desktop.

After announcing plans to discontinue its Cortana smart personal assistant, Microsoft is now allowing Bing Chat on the desktop to listen and answer user questions, according to The Verge.

Microsoft has brought Bing voice mode to the Edge browser under the desktop, and now with this latest update, you can ask questions to the Bing chatbot using your voice and it will answer with its own voice.

Just like the feature in the mobile version of Edge, you can select the microphone button in the Bing chat box and then ask your question out loud. Microsoft has announced that its chatbot currently supports English, Japanese, French, German and Mandarin Chinese, but noted that more languages will be added.

Microsoft’s move to bring voice mode to Bing Chat on the desktop comes as the company plans to discontinue its Cortana smart personal assistant on Windows later this year. Cortana lets users use voice commands to set timers, create reminders, open apps, and more, but Microsoft is now pushing users toward Bing and AI-powered Copilot, which arrives in Windows 11, as more capable alternatives.

Windows Copilot can analyze the content on the screen and provide contextual suggestions and actions based on what the user is viewing.

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