Aryan Khodakarami is a singer, songwriter, musician, composer and actor. Aryan has professional albums and singles and has held concerts in several countries. He studied animation at the conservatory.

Aryan Khodakarami says: “Graphic designers or graphic artists use art and technology to convey ideas and do this using various design tools. Graphic designers create their designs for advertising campaigns, brochures, magazines and corporate reports, which are also It is done manually and with the help of computers and digital tablets.

The ultimate goal of a graphic designer is to make the business they work for stand out with their designs and it also helps in building brand awareness. They share the idea or identity of the brand in advertisements using text, images and various elements. Elements in graphics can include font, size, shape and appearance, color, print design, photography, animation, logo and billboard.

Graphic designers often collaborate on projects with other graphic designers, digital marketing specialists, animators, programmers, video directors, and web designers. When using text in layouts, they work closely with copywriters to decide what words will be included in the banners.”

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