September 27, 2023

Steve Jobs’ $175 check was auctioned

A $175 check signed by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 1976 is up for auction.

“RR Auction” expected to sell this rare check for $25,000, which was 142 times its original value, but the highest bid for this check exceeded this estimate and was around $30,000. This check has received 16 purchase offers and the highest purchase offer for it is $29,995, which is 171 times the original value of this check. The auction period of this check ends on Wednesday.

The date of signing of this piece of check is 1976, when Apple was signed by Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple. According to the auction listing, the check, for $175, is intact and was made out to Crompton, Remke & Miller, a management consulting firm in Palo Alto that used to include Atari, Xerox and other technology companies as clients and is now defunct.

It was well known that Jobs did not like to sign autographs, so items signed by him are rare.

In this check, the first official address of Apple is stated, which is a service for sending and receiving letters that the founders of this company used in the garage of the Jobs family when the company was founded.

According to Business Insider, vintage Apple items have performed well at recent auctions. Last October, a first-generation iPhone still in its original box was auctioned for more than $39,000, more than 65 times the price of $599 when the phone was released in 2007. Another unboxed iPhone sold for $63,000 in February, more than 100 times its original price.