Guardiola: Arsenal did not give us the championship

After winning the English Premier League, the head coach of Manchester City spoke of his team’s great motivation to win the Champions League.

According to BT Sport, Manchester City won the Premier League title for the third time in a row and the fifth time in the last six years. City was able to win the Premier League season while Arsenal was at the top of the standings for most of the season.

Pep Guardiola praised Arsenal led by his former assistant, Michael Arteta, and said: “Some people want to underestimate Arsenal’s performance, but this is not true at all.” We got past Arsenal but they were fantastic. Arsenal should be proud of what they have achieved. In my opinion they are winners.

He continued: Arsenal’s very good performance this season made me think many times about winning against them. The brilliance of Arsenal helped us to try harder for the championship. Liverpool created such conditions for us last season. Competition increases the level and quality of a league. Arsenal did very well. Of course, they did not give us the championship, but our hard work made us become champions. I have a good relationship with Arteta. I have to congratulate him for bringing Arsenal back to the top.

Guardiola said at the end: “It is impossible to win the English Premier League five times in six seasons, but we did it.” Now, in order to prove that we are a great team, we must also win the Champions League.


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