June 9, 2023

Discovery of a comb from a human skull

An ancient comb made from a human skull that has baffled archaeologists may be an object used in Iron Age rituals.

According to Live Science scripts, archaeologists who participated in the 2018 excavations at Barr Hill, a village in Cambridgeshire, England; They discovered an object with about a dozen carved teeth, and according to recent findings, it may be a 2,000-year-old ancient comb carved from a piece of human skull, which has left researchers in London wondering if this comb was actually used for posing thousands of years ago. Was it used on hair or not?

This piece, which is called “Shoulder Bar Hill”, is one of the 280,000 ancient artifacts that are kept in the museum and are being tested and analyzed by researchers these days. Of course, researchers can only speculate about this object, and there is still no evidence of wear on the teeth of the comb. Also, the hole made in its upper part shows that it may have been used as a charm instead of being used as a hair styling tool.

According to the researchers, despite the fact that this object remains unknown, other findings from the Iron Age have been left that are likely to have been used as combs.

Researchers have considered the possibility that Bar Hill’s shoulder may have been a symbolic object and a sign of power for members of the local community and may have been made from the skull of an important member of the Iron Age community to preserve his presence in some way. He is remembered through his bones.

This is not the first time that an ancient artifact made of human remains has been discovered in this area. As in the previous excavations, tools were found that were made of human leg and arm bones and were used to clean animal skin.