Europe has embraced millions of refugees from Ukraine over a short period of time but far fewer from Africa, the head of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies said


Europe has embraced millions of refugees from Ukraine over a short period of time but far fewer from Africa, the head of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies said – Copyright AFP Dimitar DILKOFF

When you get UNHCR saying in so many words, “The world is falling apart”, you’d think someone might pay attention. Guess again. This mess is just added to the other messes. Yet another milestone in this crappy, obscene century has been achieved. According to UNHCR, 100 million people have had to escape from something or other. That’s up from 82.4 million in 2020.

A wholesome global mix of ridiculous dictators and their pet wars, crime-friendly “politics” (the excuse for everything), religious persecutions, and insane corporate peasants are the catalysts for this catastrophe. People are literally dodging bullets and BS from this cretinous assemblage every day.

100 million people is far too big a logistical burden to emergency-manage for any length of time. Logistics are tough. Food and water needs alone are incredibly difficult. It’s too heavy a load. Refugee camps have become refugee cities, more or less permanent residences. These places are also often infested with gangs, corrupt officials, etc.

Such large numbers of vulnerable people are always at risk from someone or something, too. Refugees have to run the risks of moving, surviving, and trying to make lives for themselves somewhere else. This has been going on for decades.

Not much is done except to vilify these people or bleat unconvincingly. If you’re a conservative, you can use them for your baseless theories of replacement. Desperation isn’t “replacement”, you skank-morons. It’s desperation. If you’re a self-proclaimed liberal/progressive, you can be sympathetic and do nothing at all effective, which is the usual story.

The accumulated UNHCR stats for displacement numbers are truly hideous. Many of these people are stateless. That means they don’t have home countries anymore, for many various highly unimpressive reasons.

What goes around…

The displacement cycle is well-known in history. About half of Europe’s population is now in Europe because it was displaced by ancient eastern wars. The utter chaos of the fall of the Roman Empire and subsequent centuries of warfare were just some of the results.

Now, we can look forward to other types of displacement as well:

  • Climate refugees (There are already about 21 million of them.)
  • Failed state refugees
  • Economic refugees

There’s the potential right there for at least another 1 billion people to move on from their local disasters. 50C temperatures will force movement through crashing food and water supplies alone. Failed states are far more numerous than anyone admits. Economics in its current form with mindless levels of wealth vs mindless levels of poverty can’t work. This is train wreck time, and the trains are right on schedule.

Anyone can say “manage it yourselves”.  That’s the whole point. They can’t manage it, they haven’t managed it, and they won’t be able to manage it. Like all the world’s problems, this one has been snowballing for decades. What could have been fixed wasn’t fixed, so it got this much worse.

This is just the start of the problem, and what’s possible in terms of roaming billions of people could make this look pretty tame. “Dystopia” isn’t even in the ballpark as a description of possibilities.

Meanwhile back in Bozo Land, the idiots are chirping

Just compare this repulsive human reality with the blithe babblings of so-called leadership. We’ll have a nice little war or so with the risk of a nuclear holocaust. Ain’t that just too cute?

We’ll watch the carbon suck up available oxygen and fail to do anything about it. (Have you figured that out yet, morons? Where does all the oxygen you breathe come from? Do you think sucking up most of it with CO2 is a good idea? Great call.)

We’ll allow everything to become unaffordable, jobs to be unable to provide a living, and call it “morality”. The poor, as usual, will be responsible while Saint Billionaire Inc. also does nothing very noisily. Politicians will demand a return to traditional values until the graveyards are full. Sound familiar?

This is a self-inflicted problem. Incompetence means eventual failure. There are no options anymore. Either practical solutions are in place, or they’re not. If not, the rest of this century and the next will be far worse than now.

The other huge injustice here is that the two totally 2000% economically screwed generations, the Millennials and Gen Z, will have to deal with all the incoming disasters. They’ve already been cheated out of any sort of normal future, and they’ll  have to clean it all up if they can. You corporate/political vermin must be very proud, and long may you rot.

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