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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are garnering the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, celebrities, and art enthusiasts around the world. Powered by blockchain’s transformational peer-to-peer network, NFTs are not only disrupting a wide array of markets, but with an increasing amount of cultural cache, the revolutionary technology is capturing the hearts and minds of the public. By leveraging digital art as well as Blockchain’s innovative technology, NFTs are poised to continue to gain popularity and innovate across industries.

With blockchain-enabled smart contracts and transparent ledger technology, artists and entrepreneurs can turn digital art or assets into a ‘token’ on the blockchain. These tokens or NFTs are not only authenticated certificates of ownership for digital assets, but they also provide a transparent record for the public to reference, effectively creating a market for the digital assets where there wasn’t one before. Additionally, NFTs can also be bought and sold in a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace, allowing all historical owners to make money on subsequent sales. Emphasizing transparency, privacy, and decentralization, enthusiasts and early adopters believe that the best is yet to come for the NFT market. Forecasters predict that the NFT market size will reach $80 billion in net sales by 2025.

As the NFT market matures, many businesses are recognizing the importance of adopting an NFT strategy but don’t know where to start.

Meta Labs Agency is the industry’s first vertically integrated web 3 agency providing an “end to end” solution for clients to design, develop, and deploy their NFT strategy. The MLA team assists with every aspect of creating a successful NFT project. While many agencies and services help NFT entrepreneurs with either the creative, technological, or marketing aspects of starting a profitable and meaningful NFT project, Meta Labs Agency is the industry’s first agency doing it all.

Meta Labs Agency ensures a project’s success by maximizing each crucial aspect of an NFT project from Avatar, Utility, Community to Mint Strategy, affectionately called AUCM.

Meta Labs Agency uses the three pillars of its business – Meta, Labs, and Agency – to execute its AUCM strategy to create and service some of the most exciting and established brands in the world of Web 3.0.

Working with aspiring NFT entrepreneurs as well as existing NFT projects looking to improve their value, Meta Labs Agency’s four-step approach fits NFT projects at all stages.

Starting with the Avatar, Meta Labs Agency helps NFT entrepreneurs design the ‘digital art’ serving as the face and creative draw of their NFT project. With their talented team of creatives, designers, and artists – all of whom have experience with the traditional and blockchain-enabled art worlds – Meta Labs Agency creates NFT projects with some of the most compelling and interesting digital art and avatars.

Beyond the creative avatars, Meta Labs Agency is disrupting the NFT industry with its specialization on unique utilities. NFTs are powered by revolutionary blockchain technology and Meta Labs Agency helps its clients understand and make use of all the innovative opportunities to benefit their community, such as direct and affiliate reflections.

Meta Labs Agency has a large suite of add-ons that clients can use to improve the value that their project brings to token holders, from gamification to extra avatar skins & suits to play-to-earn capabilities. Of course, Meta Labs Agency helps its clients with technical decisions like how to optimize smart contracts so that token holders can better afford the gas fees. As mentioned, new as well as existing NFT projects can make use of Meta Labs Agency’s market-disrupting utilities. 

While many NFT projects are famous for the digital artwork used as tokens or because it leverages exciting new technology, one of the most important aspects of an NFT project is its community. Successful NFT entrepreneurs understand that NFT consumers purchase NFTs not just because of the creativity of the artwork, but because of the community’s goals and vision. The most popular and consistent NFT projects take efforts to garner a community of like-minded individuals who not only believe in the technology, but also believe in the project. Building out communities & creating content on Discord, Twitter, Tik Tok, & Instagram, Meta Labs Agency provides comprehensive resources to help entrepreneurs build their community through all stages of the minting process. Simply put, Meta Labs Agency has the industry experience and proven track record to help their clients create the infrastructure and roadmap necessary to grow a community that believes in the vision of the client’s project. 

To this point, Meta Labs Agency helps NFT entrepreneurs thread the needle of a successful launch by working with them on their minting strategy. With the versatility to mint tokens on over 10 different blockchain networks, Meta Labs Agency can help clients with decisions regarding minting software, execution architecture, and go-to-market strategies. Meta Labs Agency also helps clients with access to influencers, celebrities, and establishment media outlets in order to ensure their client’s projects gain awareness and traffic.

Many NFT entrepreneurs fail at this final step after investing a lot of time and money. Regardless of how exciting an NFT’s artwork is or how revolutionary the technology is, if people are not aware of the project, it can never reach its true potential. This is precisely why Meta Labs Agency helps clients with their marketing and sell-through strategies.

Illustrating the agency’s value, the Meta Labs Agency team’s most recent project, Meta Bounty Hunters, sold out within 30 days. In fact, they took Meta Bounty Hunters from conception, ideation to sell-through in only 3 months. Clearly, they understand how to successfully help clients with every aspect of building an NFT project and community.

Using their all-encompassing process and experienced team, Meta Labs Agency is trusted in the industry as being the key to unlocking the power of web 3, metaverse, and NFTs. We are excited to see what project Meta Labs Agency takes on next. Please visit the agency’s linktree for all relevant links to their website and social media. 

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