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One of the most common complaints of the people who succeed late in their lives is that they were not brave enough to materialize their ideas earlier.

Jo Malone, British perfumer, was 9-years-old when she started making own perfumes with flowers from the garden and grated Camay soap. Few people may know him, but most of us know his product well; Blake Ross launched Mozilla Firefox when he was only 19 years old. Justin Bieber’s talent got noticed and appreciated worldwide when he was 15. These are just a few examples of people who pursued their calling or did not let their talent die and developed what they were blessed with into a flourishing business. It is no secret that we have the best chances to excel at what we love doing. 

Meet Justin Nelson, a 25-year-old prodigy realtor and entrepreneur, who started in real estate at the tender age of 16 together with his father who decided to trade a long corporate career for the freedom of self-employment. The Nelson tandem did well; after a few months of learning the ropes, Justin was put in charge of lead generation and all marketing. In the sixteen months after Justin obtained his real estate license he made $360,000 in CGI mostly thanks to reliance on social media.  He was promoted to a team leader and  helped grow his team to over fifteen people and opened a new office in Colorado Springs. At that point Justin just turned 19.

Belonging to Gen-Z, the Internet-savvy demographic that feels at ease and confident trying to sell their ideas and find a shortcut to success, Justin felt he could do more than just sell homes. He wanted to reach out to the world and showcase his talent, so Justin followed his calling in 2018. “Speaking is by far my biggest talent that I have. I love speaking and can sell anything to any audience when the offer is right and the need is there,” reflects Justin. In 2018, the young realtor set out on a trip around 35 states and 135 locations where he taught over 10,000 realtors what he mastered to perfection: how to use social media in their line of business. 

Our brains are idea machines that never idle; during the trip that lasted 300 days it dawned on Justin that he should go full-time into training. Thus Sphere Rocket VA was born, a real estate training company that at its peak enlisted over 1,000 active monthly paying coaching clients. As is often the case with creative entrepreneurs, the business  diversified and evolved into something bigger. Today, Sphere Rocket VA is a leading virtual assistant placement company serving the needs of the real estate and other business sectors. Justin, however, is justifiably more known in this new role among the real estate professionals crowd. 

Today, Justin’s VA consultancy has 1,400 active clients in the USA and about 2,300 virtual assistants making a leader in the VA business. To illustrate, in 2020, via Sphere Rocket VA over 3,200 real estate agents got matched with a full-time VA for $500 a month. 

The road trip Justin undertook four years ago gave birth to Sphere Rocket VA and he got settled in Nashville, TN. From Nashville, he runs his growing VA business and plans to expand it until his brainchild signs up 10,000 clients. We will keep a close eye on Justin in case his next road trip leads him to new business ideas. So far he has lived up to his favorite quote, ”there is someone less qualified than you doing what you want to do, because they simply took action.” Justin, as his story shows, takes action.

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