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Since his childhood, Dr. Yasam Ayavefe gained a sense of awareness for sharing, empathy, and reaching people. The beautiful morals instilled early within him would be the reason he would have such a great understanding of today’s present state, with income inequality becoming a growing epidemic and the impact it has had on people globally.  

The relationship between income inequality and health may be up for debate in some areas; however, the evidence between socioeconomic environments is linked to the ever-growing issue. For example, demographics, race, gender, and marital status were highly suggested as the problem before the pandemic; however, the pandemic contributed significantly to the point of suffering financially due to how many days a person had the physical ability to work despite the evidence of socioeconomic, environmental impacts.  

“As inflation rises along with shortages, income inequality will become more apparent that will affect people globally.” “The unemployment rates, although post-pandemic, remains high, and those who were laid-off or could not work during the high-point of the pandemic have not been able to find work that would be ample income to provide for their family.”  

Dr. Ayavefe realizes that the past reasons for income inequality do not stand out any longer. Those impacted health-wise by the virus versus those not so directed impacted are now the real issue. However, the global financial crisis first began to occur from 2008 to 2020. Despite socioeconomic conditions, unemployment rates were at an all-time low and spiraled downward.

“There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyday life. Yet, as we enter the third year of COVID-19, there are several lingering questions:

  • How many of these changes in our lives will be permanent?
  • How will life continue when the Covid-19 pandemic is over?
  • How will a new economy be structured?
  • How will the balances between the world’s states be shaped?

Of course, considering the order of priority here, unemployment and the economy’s future are of paramount importance.”

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe does not have the answers to all of these questions. Nevertheless, he is overwhelmingly aware the answers will have a decisive impact on income inequality as it stands today.

Given his unsurpassed interest in the well-being of other people, Dr. Ayavefe is involved passionately with creating a better world, a cleaner environment and bridging the gap between the health crisis and income inequality crisis, eliminating the link between the two. For instance, social determinants, living conditions, and now, with the pandemic, these factors should all be removed from any inequality of income. Furthermore, inequality due to gender has been addressed; therefore, that fight should be on the mend. However, due to Covid-19, the income imbalance has become a crucial issue that will require understanding and action. This is a fact that Dr. Ayavefe is passionate about and strives to make a change.

“Inflation was initially considered temporary due to the problems arising in the supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this has not been the case due to imbalances in energy supply and demand and money injected into the markets for economic recovery all over the world.

For this reason, it is thought that restrictive monetary policies and the expected interest rate increase of the United States in the second half of 2022 will cause a change in the policies of developing countries, especially in the context of fighting inflation all over the world in 2022.

One of the crucial problems caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is in the supply chain. Therefore, it has become necessary to determine new strategies for reducing dependence on Chinese imports. These problems will continue in the coming period, but recent supply-related searches will be undertaken. This change and the steps to be taken are among the elements that will affect world trade and global growth.”

This man’s intuitive mind and heart for people make it clear that he is implementing ideas to assist with economic growth as we begin to recover from the devastation of Covid-19. In addition to stating that the inflation issue is not temporary, Dr. Ayavefe also addressed other steps to help income inequality and health and financial recovery.

“Production and trade, which went into stagnation in 2019, increased worldwide due to energy demand and energy scarcity caused by the economy’s resurgence at the end of 2021. The increases in oil and natural gas prices have also directly affected the prices of products due to a rise in production costs. These increases have shown us that inflation worldwide will not be a temporary situation.

With the slight recovery of the world economy in 2021, the view is clear that the need for energy will continue to increase prices in 2022. The most important reason for this is that it will not be easy to increase the energy supply in a short time.”

We thank Dr. Yasam Ayavefe for his insight and his plans to assist in helping our world recover. He is an excellent example to all businesses that adopt his guidance and implement his goals, bringing an end to income inequality, bridging gaps, and eliminating links due to the pandemic.

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