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Actor Jack Krizmanich. Photo by Sarah Orbanic

Actor Jack Krizmanich chatted about his latest endeavors, and he shared his advice for hopefuls that wish to get into acting.

He also recalled his roles in the television series “Wicked Wicked Games” and “Passions.”


Krizmanich is known for playing the role of John Hastings on the defunct NBC daytime drama “Passions.” “That was a lot of fun,” he admitted. “This was my first acting job, and I got thrown into it and I was learning as I went along. I didn’t have much of a background. It is funny to look back on.”

This soap opera afforded him the privilege to work with such acclaimed actors as Dana Sparks, James Hyde, and Justin Carroll. “Dana Sparks was great. She was always super sweet,” he said.

“Justin Carroll and I always joked around a lot. He was like a big kid too,” he said. “Although I didn’t have a ton of scenes with James Hyde, he was great since he was a leader on the set. James was there from the beginning and he was very welcoming. We still talk today.”

‘Wicked Wicked Games’

He also starred as Aaron Spencer in “Wicked Wicked Games” opposite Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal, who played Blythe Hunter, his character’s mother. “It was so hard and we shot a lot of episodes in a short amount of time but I loved the chaos of it and getting it done. I loved the bond that I created with the people on set. It was an experience that I will never forget and I really loved it,” he said.

“It was great to work with Tatum, I love Tatum. She killed the role of Blythe. I always got a kick out of her and we hit it off really well, and I miss working with Tatum,” he said.

The digital age

On being an actor in the digital age, he said, “I’m semi-retired but I have a feeling at some point, I will possibly get back into it. I had my daughter a couple of years ago, and my wife and I were in Los Angeles. Now, we are in Texas, and I am focusing on family even though I can still audition for things. At some point, I hope to get back into it.”

Advice for hopefuls

For young and aspiring actors, Krizmanich said, “If you believe you can do it, and you believe in yourself, then you can make it happen especially today. You can put yourself out there without really knowing anyone, and you can be found and discovered.”

“You need to buckle down, you need to work and you need to practice your craft. Just believe in yourself and do whatever you need to do to get yourself out there,” he added.

Johnny Wactor

Krizmanich has great words about fellow actor Johnny Wactor (who is known for his role as Brando Corbin on “General Hospital”). “Johnny is awesome. I love Johnny, I met him in our acting class, and I knew just from watching him that he will be working for a long time. Johnny really commits and gives it his all. He is down-to-earth and a great guy,” he said.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Krizmanich said with a sweet laugh, “Old Washed Up Dad.” “This dad thing is beating me up,” he admitted. “I still feel youngish mentally.”


Krizmanich defined the word success simply as “happiness.” “If you can find happiness (especially these days when it is a lot harder to find happiness with what is happening in the world), and feel like you are on the right path, then that’s success to me.”

Gratitude for the fans

For his fans, he expressed his appreciation for them. “Thank you. I absolutely appreciate anyone that has reached out to me and told me kind words. Finding kindness in this world sometimes feels rare. To anyone that has reached out, thank you and I love you,” he said, effusively.

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