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Whether you’re a tech geek or not, you are most likely aware of Elon Musk and his various exploits. SpaceX is the most successful privately-owned space exploration company in the world. At the helm, Elon Musk. Are there parallels between SpaceX and the newest cryptocurrency launchpad in Boostx

What made SpaceX such a radical concept was the core principle behind Elon Musk’s desire to build a space exploration company. Elon Musk was laughed at by several countries, including Russia, when he proposed a working and reusable rocket that could facilitate missions to the International Space station and beyond. 

The newest cryptocurrency launchpad, similar to the Binance Launchpad, brings value to investors. The innovative solution to cryptocurrency presales ensures that investors are not sold short; by finding interested investors, passionate about the industry, Boostx works as a double sword.

It promotes HODLing the presale purchases for good by conducting strict background checks on the coins that are allowed to be listed for presale through its platform. This ensures only a certain and consistent calibre of projects are ever listed on Boostx.

It is here we find real similarities between Boostx and SpaceX. Elon Musk, like Boostx, only seeks to be associated with the highest calibre of investor and those with a determination to improve the industry. For this reason, it is not available to be traded publicly. SpaceX has stakeholders who commit to the furthering of space exploration, such as Alphabet Inc – the company that owns Google. 

By ensuring that only individuals or institutions who will benefit the company be allowed to invest, Elon Musk has ensured the highest quality of backing possible. Boostx does something very similar.

By only allowing projects with high future aspirations and strong fundamentals onto their platform, they ensure a high calibre of seedling investors who are happy to invest more money. The knock-on effect is the crypto presale company generates more revenue for the development of the project; this consequentially returns even more value on the original investment.

Despite them coming from extremely separate industries, they share the same core value. The integrity of who you are associated with. This core value is one of the factors that has made SpaceX such a huge success and helped it dominate the space industry. 

As a new cryptocurrency launchpad, Boostx’s reputation will likely make or break its success. It doesn’t have the legacy of Binance to rely on as the Binance launchpad did. Reputation and a strong roadmap will ensure that Boostx is a cryptocurrency launchpad here for the long term.

If Boostx can continue to attract promising cryptocurrency presales to its launchpad there is no doubt that it will share in the recent success of start-up cryptocurrency launchpads. 

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