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Are you looking to select some good cryptocurrencies for long-term investment? If yes, then, Internet Computer (ICP), Calyx Token (CLX), and Tezos (XTZ) could be considered good options.  These three tokens have multiple use cases and can potentially provide huge returns in the future. 

The Calyx Token ecosystem is a permissionless and community-powered on-demand liquidity protocol that will help in trading cryptocurrencies across multiple networks. Users will be able to get better prices as the transfers can be sourced from multiple platforms. Read on to learn more about the utilities of these 3 cryptocurrencies and their investment potential for the long term.  

Internet Computer’s Supernova Hackathon is live

The Internet Computer has announced the launch of its Supernova Hackathon which will offer $6 million in prizes and awards. It will provide a boost to the developers who are building on the ICP Token ecosystem. The Internet Computer also announced technical working groups on an experimental basis that will allow developers to closely cooperate with the Dfinity Foundation (parent group of ICP) to help in providing scaling and security solutions for the network. The ICP Token has strong fundamentals and could potentially provide high returns in the future. 

Tezos (XTZ) Launches Better Call Dev

Tezos (XTZ) has launched a new smart contract explorer for ordinary users and developers. It will help in exploring various Tezos features and also include support for advanced queries for smart contract code, storage, operations data, social account logins etc. 

The XTZ Token is used to power the Tezos ecosystem which is a self upgradable blockchain and does not require forking. The Tezos ecosystem has seen a growth in adoption because it is energy-efficient, cost-efficient, has included support for on-chain governance, and has a growing NFT and gaming ecosystem. It has also been adopted by major brands such as Gap, Red Bull Racing, McLaren, and Ubisoft.

Calyx Token (CLX) is a Secure and Instant Token Exchange Platform 

The Calyx Token will power an instant, secure, and trustless exchange protocol that will allow users to transfer and trade coins at the click of a button. While the liquidity will be sourced from multiple networks, the trade will be conducted in a single transaction and users will be able to benefit from high speed and low transaction costs. 

The protocol will provide users with the option to use any blockchain network supported by the platform. Anybody could become a liquidity provider and the platform will be governed through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It will help in attracting traders and liquidity providers as holding the CLX Token will provide voting powers. Users could vote and introduce proposals for the creation of liquidity pools of their choice. 

The CLX Token will be deployed on multiple blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, and others. It will provide users with a range of options to raise liquidity on a pool of their choice. 

Calyx Token
Image courtesy Calyx Token

In addition, the Calyx ecosystem will provide users with the option to either remain as passive liquidity providers or engage actively and work as market makers. For users who do not wish to devote time, becoming a passive liquidity provider is a good option for earning returns without active participation. But professional liquidity providers could help in market making and developing tools and strategies to keep track of on-chain liquidity on the CLX network. 

Add the three tokens described above at regular intervals to reap huge returns in the future. The Calyx Token has a good investment potential since it introduces permissionless and single transaction token swaps. It also allows users to earn a passive income through yield farming and staking. Follow the channels provided below to learn more about the CLX Token. Remember to diversify and also add ICP and Tezos. Diversification can help in reducing risk as cryptocurrencies are volatile investment assets. 

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