Public introduction of Alibaba’s new artificial intelligence model

Alibaba announced on Wednesday that it is taking its Tongyi Qianwen artificial intelligence model to the public, meaning it has won Chinese regulatory approval to mass market the model.

Chinese authorities have recently stepped up efforts to support companies developing artificial intelligence as the technology increasingly becomes a focus of competition with the United States.

According to a post published on the company’s WeChat account, Alibaba’s cloud computing department said that organizations including Oppo, Taobao, DingTac and Zhejiang University have entered into cooperation agreements to train their large language models or develop language model applications based on Tongi. They have already arrived.

This post also announced that in the near future, an open source version of the large language model will be made publicly available for free commercial use by the entire community.

Alibaba Group CEO Eddie Wu announced in an internal letter to Alibaba employees on Tuesday that artificial intelligence will be at the center of Alibaba Group’s future strategy.

In this letter, Wu also said: “If we don’t keep up with the changes in the age of artificial intelligence, we will be displaced.”

Alibaba first announced Tongue Qianon in April, saying at the time that the big AI language model, similar to JPT Chat, would be integrated into all business applications.


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