May 28, 2023

Tesla Surprised Everyone Again

Tesla reduced the price of Model S and Model X cars in the United States between 4 and 9 percent.

After Elon Musk introduced the company’s new executive director, the company’s website announced that the recent price reduction in other models of the company has increased demand, so it has also reduced the price of these two electric cars in the United States.

Tesla’s price cuts since the beginning of the year ranged from 4 percent on the Model S to 9 percent on the more expensive Model X. Musk has said repeatedly in recent months that Tesla will focus on lowering prices to boost demand, and has had success generating orders with global rebates introduced in January.

Musk added last week that people’s desire to own a Tesla is huge, and the only limiting factor is their ability to pay.

According to Reuters, in January, Tesla reduced the price of its cars in all markets and offered up to 20% discounts. Many analysts saw this as the beginning of a price war for electric cars.