Biography of Hooman Zirobam, singer, composer and musician

(Hooman Zirobam) is a popular singer, musician, composer from Iran.

He is known for his lively music and amazing personality.

Hooman brings to his music various cultural influences that helped him grow.

He uses the versatility of his lyrics and his life experiences to penetrate the public eye.

His main goal of creating music is to make the listener feel happy and positive.

A feeling that makes them want to come back and listen again and again.

His obsession with aesthetics and minimalism is a never-ending path he follows, the simple lifestyle he wants only serves to dilute the complexities he just wants to express.

Being passionate about her work and always wanting to carve out a niche for herself in life was the spark that fueled her to follow her dreams and passion.

He has a huge fan following on social media.
And his music is highly downloaded and popular.

Hooman is from Tehran, Iran. His date of birth is April 22, 1993.

Growing up, he was influenced by various musical influences. His parents were also very fond of music and always played a lot of music at home.

His passion to deliver something new and better has guided him throughout the years and is the key to his success and perseverance.

Singers like Hooman Zirobam have taken music to a new level.

He takes time to make sure his music is something that won’t be forgotten.

He continues to update about his new release through his Instagram.

You can also catch his songs on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube Music, Apple Music & Soundcloud and all other music and streaming platforms.

And he likes to draw different influences from different styles in his music and is not limited to one style.

Hooman Zirobam works on Instagram under the name (musiczirobam), and publishes his music and photos on his Instagram page.





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