February 2, 2023

How to become a successful entrepreneur? Samieh Firoozi, a successful investor and top entrepreneur, pointed out a few points in this regard:

When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, you want to make sure you understand what makes entrepreneurs successful. This means the right attitude towards a business and determination and stability to achieve success.

Work as if you are going to retire tomorrow
Do you know anything about retirement? Retirement makes us work harder to save more. As an entrepreneur, you need to work as if you are going to retire tomorrow. In the soul of every successful entrepreneur there is a passion for hard work.

Successful entrepreneurs find joy and fun in hard work. So they never get tired. And when they finally succeed, they are fully prepared to face it.

Focus strongly on your opportunities
This focus and intensity will help you eliminate futile efforts and distractions from your life. Most companies die of indigestion rather than starvation—in other words, companies suffer more from doing too many things at once than from doing just a few things very well. Stay focused on your mission.

Move fast and progress fast
In the world of entrepreneurship, there is nothing worse than going slow. Mark Zuckerberg even has a slogan for the importance of speed in business. He often says, “You usually don’t act fast enough in things, except in the field of things that you screw up.”

In short, don’t spend too much time making decisions. Deliver the work first, then continuously improve on it.

Be a problem solver
Many people recognize things they wish they could do, or envision useful products or services they wish they had. However, few actually act on those ideas. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, it will be necessary to always welcome inspiration by looking at the world around you from the perspective of a problem solver.

Be flexible but firm
A successful entrepreneur must be smart to act and execute. You must be constantly learning and adapting to new information as you encounter it. And at the same time, you must remain steadfast to the cause and mission of your organization. This is where that faint voice becomes so important, especially when it gives you early warnings that things are going out of whack.

Successful entrepreneurs strike a balance between listening to that voice and persevering on the path to success—because sometimes success is waiting right on the other side of the bumpy road, hiding itself in the mask of failure.

Action, action, action
Chances are, unless you’re the smartest person on the planet, a lot of other people have already thought about what you’re trying to do. Success does not necessarily come from innovation in progress, but from perfect action and execution.

A grand strategy alone will not win a competition or battle; Victory basically comes from dealing with problems and overcoming them. We’ve all seen entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time writing business plans and preparing PowerPoint presentations. No matter how much time you spend completing such a program, you still have to adapt to the realities. You will gain more and more useful information from taking action than from assuming and speculating.