Who is the composer and how is the composition? From the words of Amiraam:

Composition is the composition and notation of musical pieces for the performance of a musician or orchestra.

A composer is a person who composes musical works. A composer is actually a music writer who, by being completely surrounded by the science of music, writes his intellectual ideas in the form of music. Composing is not just making a melody; Rather, like any other scientific profession, a composer should study in music education centers in the field of composition and be aware of various musical sciences, including orchestra conducting, instrumentation, composition, harmony, polyphony, counterpoint, etc., which are necessary for composing.

The composer determines the tone, pitch, voice, instrument and style (pop, rock, rap, jazz, blues, etc.) of a song. Where the song should be sung in a loud or low voice, where the peak and descent of the song should be, and sometimes the selection of the chord progression (the peak point of the song which is usually repeated) is also at the discretion of the composer if it is not specified in the song.





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