Dr. Mohammad Al-Kermani

Dr. Mohammad Al-Kermani According to drkermanidiet ,believes that more attention should be paid to the case of fatty liver, which has become detrimental due to its majority in human societies. It should be noted that fatty liver has no specific symptoms. Also, it does not alert the patient to any problem. The liver contains 5% fat cells, and an increase in this percentage means the patient has fatty liver. It is worth noting that people who consume alcohol or are overweight due to overeating are more prone to fatty liver disease.

Fatty liver is a mysterious disease with no symptoms and can occur for years without any signs; after several phases, fatty liver may have signs of fatigue, anorexia, weakness, persistent nausea, poor concentration, or pain in the right area below the ribs (liver area). An accurate diagnosis of fatty liver disease is made through ultrasound and analysis of liver enzymes or fibro-scan devices.

The disease may reach advanced grades leading to liver failure, and there is no cure for fatty liver in which treatment is performed by transplanting part of the liver because this organ has a remarkable feature; it can revive itself and facilitates the process.

Dr.Mohammad Kermani acknowledges that fatty liver can be prevented by prophylactic measures, the most important of which are:

  • Weight loss of at least 10%.
  • Stopping alcohol consumption.
  • Controlling blood sugar and lipids in the body.

Accordingly, food plays a crucial role in preventing fatty liver because the omega-3 oils in flaxseed and fatty fish and consuming the right amount of fiber are very helpful in preventing fatty liver.

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