December 7, 2022

Ashley Mills Monaghan talks about Father’s Day song ‘I Love You Because’

Ashley Mills Monaghan

Ashley Mills Monaghan. Photo Credit: Kevin and King/ Diana King

Children’s music artist Ashley Mills Monaghan chatted about her upcoming Father’s Day children’s song “I Love You Because.”

On the origin of this tune, she said, “My children and I actually gifted a photo book they wrote called ‘I Love You Because’ for Father’s Day last year. I used the book they wrote to write a song for their daddy. I wanted to remember their young voices forever so I weaved in some recordings of them talking about their daddy into the song to make it extra special.”

She opened up about the significance of the Father’s Day holiday. “I think a mother’s work never ends, but dads work extra hard for their families too. I love that my boys look up to their daddy the way they do. I consider them very lucky to have a daddy so involved in their lives. Giving him a song about him, written for him by his sons is only a small token of how much we appreciate him,” she said.

Regarding her music and songwriting inspirations, she said, “The children in my life inspire my music. I teach and play for preschoolers and we are always coming up with new and fun ideas for songs! The children in my life inspire everything I write about, especially my own children. And the older they get, the newer the challenges become for me.”

Sometimes I feel like I am walking into new stages my children go through completely blind, not knowing what we will have to endure next. Music is not only a way that I know that I can speak to those little ears that may need reassurance somewhere in their own challenges, but it is also a way that I cope, as a mother, with the challenges and stages of life my children go through as well,” she explained.

On her future plans, she remarked, “The completion of the ‘Good Times’ full album is coming very soon! This is a fun and engaging collection of songs that are all about self-empowerment, what to do with heavy feelings, and sharing good times with the ones we love. I also have a very special and enlightening project that I have been working on over the past year which was inspired by my own children in this post-pandemic world.”

“I know a lot of children have been through a lot of emotional stress during the pandemic so I hope it will help children to regulate their high emotions and set the right mindset through guided adventures and meditation stories and music just for kids,” she added.

I also have been busy writing songs for an upcoming animated series that will be coming out soon too! Please give me a follow on Instagram for all the latest projects, releases, and concerts,” she exclaimed.

On her definition of the word success, she said, “I think about what success means a lot. I think it feels different for everyone depending on where you are in your life and in your career and I also think the idea of success shifts as we evolve too.”

She continued, “Some days I ask myself, am I doing enough to push my music forward? Is my music good enough? Will I ever be enough? Will I ever feel successful and what does that even mean? And then I think about the song I wrote called ‘If I Tell Myself I Can’ that won 3rd place in an international song contest and that got me nominated as ‘Global Artist of the Year’ and think, if I keep going and tell myself I can, maybe I really can do anything. That feels like success to me.”

“I have set goals for myself for this next year and I am working on creative projects as my job! It took me nearly 40 years, but I finally feel like I have balance in my life between my music, my students, my passions, and my family. That feels like success to me, for now,” she added.

For her fans, she concluded about her new song, “I Love You Because,” “When I asked my kids what they loved about their Daddy, I loved their answers because they were so simple and sweet. We love to take them to Ireland, where their Daddy is from, but we haven’t been in a few years due to the pandemic. It was so sweet that they both hold those trips so near and dear to their hearts and that is what they think about when they think of their dad. You’ll hear my older son say that at the beginning of the song. Cherish every moment with your kids. ‘I Love You Because’ will be available everywhere you download or stream your music on Father’s Day weekend, June 17, 2022.

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