February 7, 2023

Brit Shaw talks about ‘Peace in the Valley,’ and the digital age

Brit Shaw

Brit Shaw. Photo Credit: Diana Ragland

Actress and producer Brit Shaw chatted about starring and producing “Peace in the Valley” and the digital age.

“I came on board this project from the very beginning,” she said. “I’ve always been passionate about both acting and filmmaking, so bringing this story to life from both sides of the camera was very meaningful to me. I really connected with ‘Ashley’ and wanted to tell her story. I wanted to share the perspective that no one gets to see: the aftermath of loss, the long road, the ups and downs. No one chooses Option B.”

“But when there is no more Option A, you have to find strength and keep going. I felt passionate about shining a light on victims of gun violence. It’s not just a political issue, it’s a human issue. These innocent people are just like you and me. It can literally be anyone, anywhere. My heart breaks every time I hear about another mass shooting or a random act of violence. This was an important story for me to tell,” she elaborated.

On serving as an actress and producer, she said, “Producing the movie in a global pandemic was definitely one for the books! We started shooting in March 2020 and were shut down halfway through filming due to the pandemic.”

“We had a kid in the movie who was growing very fast so we couldn’t wait too long or else the role of ‘Jessie’ would have looked younger in some scenes and older in others! Ha! We resumed as soon as the unions put their rules in place for a “covid safe set” which was August 2020. I think we were one of the first productions back in Atlanta. It was the wild wild west,” she explained.

“We all knew the stakes were really high and if anyone caught covid during filming, it would be the end of our movie. Being an independent film, we just didn’t have the means to shut down for two weeks and pick back up. I’m happy to say we remained covid free,” she added.

The digital age

On being an actress in the digital age, she said, “I would say the digital age allows for a lot more opportunity and avenues in our business. I’ve always been passionate about finding and creating my own content, so there’s a huge space for that now which is great. It does have its pros and cons though. I am also a private person, so I think that is tougher now with people wanting you to have a big online presence.”

She shared that each day she is motivated by “coffee.”

Advice for hopefuls

For young and aspiring actors, she said, “My advice for young and aspiring actors would be to believe in yourself and work hard. Hone your craft. If one specific technique or class doesn’t resonate with you, then that’s okay – be open so you can pull a little bit from each and create your own toolbox to use. There’s no ‘one way’ or ‘right way.’ You just have to keep pushing through. Stay determined. Be persistent.”


On her definition of success, she said, “Success to me means growth. It’s not about whether you are successful or not, it’s about whether or not you keep growing. If I am growing and evolving, then that’s the goal.”

Shaw concluded about “Peace in the Valley,” “I’m excited for everyone to see this film. Peace in the Valley deals with love, loss, grief, and hope. Everyone finds healing in different ways; but no matter what, there’s hope.”

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